Founders Larry and Janet Read began endowing the Foundation with a $6,000,000 irrevocable gift to continue their legacy of philanthropy and involve their family in the process. Larry Read started in insurance and later founded the California company Oil Changer Inc. in 1986  and the Arizona company North American Lubricants in 1999. In 2015, he co-founded True Shot, an ammunition company located in Tempe. Rhodium 45, a classic car museum and classic car storage facility, was added in 2019. Their companies are known for their close-knit company culture and giving back to their employees. The Read Family Foundation is a continuation of this altruism.

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The Read Family Foundation's board consists of co-founders Larry and Janet Read, as well as directors Aaron, Kristina, Kyle and Alex Read. All board members personally review each grant application. The foundation is a donor-advised trust, with the goal of funding small to medium-sized organizations.


Our goal is to grant $500,000 annually to deserving 501(c)3 non-profits who help children in Arizona. We aim to help children enhance their self-esteem through community outreach, creating a lasting legacy of helping the less fortunate.



State-of-the-art digital displays installed in classrooms

New A/C units keep classrooms cold in the summer and warm in the winter.

The Music Arts program continues to produce inspiring musical productions.

With sincere gratitude to the Read Family Foundation, we have continued to serve our community throughout the pandemic. It would have been almost impossible to remain operational this year without your generous contribution and faith in our program. There are so many things to be thankful for that your donations have provided, all to let the bright minds of Pleasantview Elementary continue to grow and thrive. We are excited and grateful for your help with our mission; so many souls have already been impacted by your charitable donation.

-Pleasantview Christian Elementary, 2021 & 2022 Grant Recipient

"On behalf of the students, staff and teachers at Pleasantview Christian Elementary, we would like to thank the Read Family Foundation for your support. Without it, many children in South Phoenix would not have had the devices needed to learn during this unparalleled time. Through your generous donation, students online and in-person have been able to stay connected and continue to grow in their education, thereby ensuring that the future will be bright for these young minds.  Once again, we can not express our gratitude enough to the Read Family Foundation for your support. "

-Pleasantview Christian Elementary, 2020 & 2021 Grant Recipient

Thank you for helping us.- 7th Grader

Thank you, and I really like using the computers so we can still see each other and not get sick. -3rd Grader

Thank you for helping us stay safe during this pandemic, and keeping on letting us learn. Thank you -6th Grader

Hunkapi Programs has been on a mission to “Teach the world to fear less and love more” through therapeutic horse programs for over 20 years. Today, their team and herd of 24 horses serve children and adults with physical, emotional and behavioral needs at Hunkapi Farms in Scottsdale, Arizona. The support of the Read Family Foundation will enable us to provide an additional 420 equine life skill sessions to low income youth working on overcoming traumatic pasts and building more resiliency and regulation. Additionally, it will help us complete a sprinkler system in our covered arena. Thank you for this gift and empowering us to continue in our mission and reach more children in need- rain or shine! "

-Hunkapi, 2020 Grant Recipient

"The Tempe Impacts Education (TIE) Foundation has the ongoing responsibility to support the underserved students in the Tempe Elementary School District. The Weekend Backpack Program provides students with non-perishable meals for the weekend, which enables them to return to school each Monday mentally aware and physically able to concentrate and to learn. Funding of this program results in 75 elementary school-aged children receiving weekend backpacks filled with food for an entire school year."

-Tempe Impact Education Foundation Backpack Food Distribution, 2019, 2020 & 2021 Grant Recipient


"Since its establishment in 1994, Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center (SWCC) has preformed its mission of saving Arizona's wildlife, one life at a time. SWCC rescues and rehabilitates wildlife that has been injured, displaced, and orphaned... With support from the Read Family Foundation, SWCC provides high quality, STEM-based field trips for grades K-12 in which the next generation discovers the importance of keeping wildlife wild."

-Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center, 2019 Grant Recipient

"On behalf of Pleasantview Elementary School, we would like to thank the Read Family Foundation for their generous support. As reading is the foundation for a successful education, we are excited to introduce a new Reading curriculum that works with our existing Language and Spelling program. To enhance their physical education, we will have new sports equipment to keep [students] active and strong. New water fountains will allow our students to beat the heat, while enjoying their time in the sun! Thank you for helping make this moment in these children's lives more fruitful and enjoyable than ever."

-Pleasantview Elementary School, 2019 Grant Recipient


A message from children at 2018 Summer Theatre Camp at Phoenix Theatre:

 "As our 37th year of Phoenix Theatre’s Summer Theatre Camp comes to a close after eight wonderful weeks of programming, we want to extend the heartiest of thanks to YOU for your incredible support. Thank you for allowing creativity to flow in our community – for recognizing the essential role the arts play in youth development, positive self-image, and imaginative self-expression... We are tremendously grateful to YOU and all generous supporters of the arts, without whom we could not offer such an impactful opportunity."
-Phoenix Theatre Children's Summer Theater Camp, 2012-2021 Grant Recipient